Timber Joey Webber

Joey Webber

crew member #6 Forestry sawyer, Portland Timbers mascot - “Timber Joey”


Location: Portland, Oregon

Timber Joey is the Official brand ambassador for Oregon® brand bar and chain.

  • Joey was born and raised in Philomath, OR, where he attended the School of Forestry and competed in state forestry and timber competitions including pole climbing, jack double bucking, axe throwing, log rolling and hot saw operation.
  • The Timbers MLS mascot has been an authentic lumberman since 2008.  During the games, Timber Joey wields and revs his chainsaw with an Oregon® bar & chain, and leads the match-day tradition of sawing off a slab of log following every Timbers goal.
  • Joey is an active member of the community through outreach efforts visiting hospitals and attending charity events.
  • As a competitive rugby player, he was formerly a member of the US National Rugby Team pool.
  • To top off his list of adventures, he has competed bare-back as a bronco rider in the NW Professional Rodeo Association.

Why Oregon

"As a lifelong Oregonian, I beam with pride that Oregon Tool, the best chain company in the world, is right in my back yard. Oregon Tool has made me feel like family for years. Since my youth I’ve felt confident running Oregon chains and bars on my chainsaws."