Chris Richard

Chris Richard

crew member #5 Sustainability and land appreciation fanatic


Location: Portland, Oregon

Chris is a sustainability and land appreciation fanatic who uses Oregon tools to create a wilfelife oasis on 53 acres of family-owned land in Wisconsin as part of a government conversation stewardship program. Most of his land stewardship work focuses on removing invasive species, replanting desirable natives and forest regeneration.

  • His property is enrolled in the government’s conservation stewardship and has recently added five acres for endangered butterflies, bird ponds, riparian zone buffers for better drinking water, lupine flowers, honeybees, maple syrup and more.
  • In total, they have replanted over 5,000 native tree and shrub species, installed three wetland ponds for migratory birds, and converted five acres to native prairie for endangered Karner Blue Butterfly.
  • While his family has done the labor, improvements have been in partnership with local and federal programs with USDA and US Fish and Wildlife Services.
  • Chris uses Oregon tools to remove diseased trees and delimb in the wetland forest to create a cohesive habitat between endangered species and the environment.