Glenn Lovell

Glenn Lovell

crew member #3 Sr. Technical Services Technician, Go-to expert and trainer



Location: Portland, Oregon

Glenn has been with Oregon Tool for over 30 years, including 18 years in the performance lab and the remainder of time as a Sr. Technical Services Technician.  

  • As a young boy, Glenn would support his family’s farmhouse by going out during the summer to collect firewood from the Willamette National Forest to heat their home.  
  • He was a key team member of the kickback unit creation – which set the industry standard that originated in our test lab through developing testing platforms, parameters and shipped unit(s) all over the world so that every chain saw manufacturer could achieve the same results. The government’s UL adopted this kickback unit to write the standard kickback requirements, which is now a requirement for any type of saw chain sold globally.  
  • He supports disaster response efforts in the Northwest, including immediate needs such as fires, mudslides, clean up and take down of trees, and sharpening chainsaw chain.  
  • Glenn is the "10,000 hours expert" – through growing up on a farm, working in the test lab, and troubleshooting customer issues, Glenn is the go-to expert for all types of training, regarding: assembly, replacement, sharpening, and troubleshooting issues for both Forestry and Lawn and Garden equipment.  
  • He is also a trainer for many of our customers, engineering councils, tradeshows, sculpting competitions, arborist groups, forestry safety classes, and professional colleges and universities.  
  • As an avid chainsaw collector – he has over 20 chainsaws, 5 of which are antiques.  

Why Oregon?

“Within the Logging and Forestry industry, Oregon bars, chains and drive sprockets are renowned for quality and dependability. That recognition continues to grow more prevalent with every new Oregon product that we have produced and ultimately why we are number one in the saw chain industry.”

Expert Advice from Glenn


Choosing the Right Saw Chain

Determine the right saw chain fit-up for your chainsaw and the different chain types to meet the needs of different chainsaw users.

Maintaining Your Guide Bar

  • Keep it well lubricated with bar and chain oil. Many chainsaw users opt for lubrication not intended for their equipment, such as motor oil. Motor oil contains metal shavings that will reduce the life of your bar and chain.

It's recommended to fill your oil reservoir each time you fill your chainsaw's gas tank. While operating your saw, make sure you saw chain, guide bar and sprocket are receiving oil from the saw.

It's also advised to use flat files on damaged drive links to remove burs if a saw chain comes off its line during operation. If you see blue spots, consider replacing your bar.

Operating Safely - Using the Correct PPE

Chainsaws are powerful cutting machines. That’s why it is critical to wear the right protective gear and practice safe operating procedures.

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