Mitchell Gordy

crew member #10 Business Owner, Lawn Care Professional, Motorcycle Enthusiast


Location: Colfax, North Carolina

Mitchell’s professional career spans over 30 years in the Lawn Care industry, including having owned and operated Mitchell’s Lawn Care LLC in Colfax, North Carolina since 2010.

  • His love of the outdoors and getting his hands in the dirt is what spurred Mitchell’s interest in the industry: “There is a great sense of accomplishment coming onto a property that needs beautification and leaving knowing the property owner is thrilled.”
  • When he’s not creating those perfect lawn stripes, Mitchell enjoys traveling the open roads on his motorcycle.
  • He joined theCrew™ community because he enjoys connecting and networking with other green industry professionals on social media — check him out on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
Why Oregon?

“The Oregon Brand is trusted amongst professionals in the industry. Currently my go-to products are the chainsaw chains and mower blades.”