Johny Crooks

crew member #14 Award-Winning Lawn Care Business Owner and 25+-Year Active-Duty US ARMY Veteran


Location: Savannah, GA

What started as a leisurely pastime of watching yard makeover shows and trying out techniques on his own yard, has turned into a booming, award-winning lawn care business for Johny.

  • After retiring from the United States Army with 251/2 years of service, Johny Crooks entered in the lawn care industry where he's been thriving for over 13 years and is the proud owner of Blades of Grass Lawncare, LLC in Savannah, Georgia.
  • His fascination with yard makeover TV shows inspired him to redesign and manicure his own lawn, which captivated the neighbors’ attention, with the many in the area clamoring for his services on their yards. As Johny says: “Seeing a property go from shabby to the best in the neighborhood is most rewarding.”
  • Johny started Blades of Grass Lawncare, LLC in 2009, and the business has thrived, earning a sterling reputation in the community, and winning “Best in Savannah” awards in 2013 and 2014.
  • His passion-project turned career doesn’t end with the last cut of the day. Johny believes in keeping abreast of lawn care trends and expands his knowledge and expertise by frequently attending forums, workshops, and classes. He shares these activities through his YouTube and Instagram presence.
  • When he's not beautifying landscapes, Johny enjoys partaking in gardening and all things cars.
Why Oregon?

“I like the Oregon Brand because of the quality and reliability of their products.”