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theCrewTM Community — a diverse group of hard working individuals across various industries and disciplines. Forestry, tree care, landscaping… No matter your field, it makes us proud to see our tools in your more than capable hands. In fact, it’s an honor.

An Oregon crew member out in the woods with his chainsaw

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Being a member of theCrew™ Community means you’re passionate about every cut you make from the forest to your backyard. It empowers new voices, like yours, collaborative opportunities to share your knowledge and field experiences through user stories and content creation. You’ll get first-hand tips and tricks from Oregon® pros, access to product testing opportunities, and chances to receive products and swag. Everyone has a story to tell - let’s grow our community together.


A Collaborative Industry

The Oregon® brand family of products would be nothing without the extraordinarily talented and passionate people that care for our outdoor spaces. It is for this reason that we are proud to partner with, and support, regional, national, and global organizations that share our goals of sustainable land management and conservation.


Meet Beth Dayton - Crew Member #7

Beth is a retired Oncology Surgeon getting back to her roots in the woods as President of Salem Area Trail Alliance, and Saw Program Coordinator for Cascade Volunteers for the Willamette National Forest.

Tornado Damage

In The Eye of The Storm

The inspiring tale of Oregon® brand team members who banded together to create a disaster response trailer and now travel the country providing assistance to first responders.


75 Years of Serving theCrew™ Community

For 75 years, theCrew™ Community has been the backbone of the Oregon® brand, a tradition that began with the founding of our parent company, Oregon Tool, Inc. This year, we’re looking back on our accomplishments and celebrating the hardworking crew members who made it all possible.

Oregon Founder Joe Cox

 A True Legend

Discover the story of Joe Cox, the man who started it all, our founder and first crew member, who changed the world with his groundbreaking invention.