Randy Jensen

Randy Jensen

crew member #2 Technical Sales Specialist, Avid outdoor enthusiast


Location: Portland, Oregon

Randy has been a Technical Sales Specialist with Oregon for over 40 years covering the Western Region (from Colorado up to Alaska) in support of the Forestry, Lawn and Garden, SpeeCo, and Harvester businesses.

  • Early in his career at Oregon, he was a test technician solving field-testing issues in -20-degree weather in Novia Scotia, New Finland, Canada, and Alaska.
  • In 1999, he patented 72 L Chain and tested samples with pro loggers in the spruce woods for durability.
  • An avid volunteer in the community, Randy has cut firewood for people in his community, supports disaster clean-up efforts on highways and trails in the Northwest using Oregon products, and volunteers at “Red Suspenders,” a local church group that cuts firewood for people in need.
  • Randy hosts training sessions for students to gain their Class C Sawyer certification from the US Forestry Service. As an instructor, he discusses chainsaw maintenance, safety practices, and facilitates real-world application in trail clean up with students for the Oregon State University Forestry Program in Corvallis, OR, Alpine Trail Association, Mckenzie River National Forest, Montana’s Trail Flathead Chapter, and more.
  • Randy made a world record cut of 27" diameter tree in 2.2 seconds during a “Hot Saw” competition – which gained popularity in the 90s as a chainsaw racing team that would compete in the NW against other teams by placing a 500 cc dirt bike motor onto a converted chainsaw.
  • He was also on the #1 state team for Axe throwing competitions in the NW.

Why Oregon?

"I love to affect people’s lives in a positive way. I 'bleed Oregon' and believe in our quality, attention to detail, and the consistency of products, which is why Oregon has been in business for 75 years and is the #1 saw chain manufacturer in the world."