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Xander Kirby

crew member #12 Founder / CEO at Trifecta Landscaping, Good Neighbor, Lover of the Outdoors



Location: Irmo, SC

Xander Kirby is the Founder and CEO of Trifecta Landscaping, one of the leading landscaping companies in South Carolina’s Midlands region.

  • Xander started Trifecta Landscaping in 2016 with his wife, Faith.
  • Like a good neighbor: He joined the professional lawn care industry in response to his driving desire to serve his neighbors and community. He feels that the right landscaping can turn a backyard into an oasis. “I enjoy seeing customers get to enjoy their properties again.”
  • One bonus of living in South Carolina’s mild climate is being able to spend time outside most of the year. He helps residential customers prepare their outdoor living spaces so they can spend more time outside with their loved ones.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work: Xander leads a team of over 20 lawn care professionals and believes that they individually thrive when they all serve together.
  • Outdoors for work and for play: When he is not at the office, you can find Xander playing disc golf, hiking in the mountains, or soaking up some R&R at the beach.

Why Oregon?

“I love the consistency and the quality of the products. Knowing what I am going to get and that it's going to do great in the field, the peace of mind is outstanding.

Expert Advice from Xander

  • Sharpen your mower blades every 20-30 hours of use
  • After sharpening, reinstall your mower blades at different angles, so the wear and tear on them evens out over time
  • Replace your mower blades after 200 hours of use
  • When you’re replacing the trimmer line in your weed eater, also clean out any debris that may prevent the trimmer line from moving as it should
  • Make sure both of your replacement trimmer lines are the same length by cutting one long piece of line and folding it in half, cutting it at the “U” in the center of the line

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