Olee Poole

crew member #16 Lawn Care Expert, Yard Stripe Connoisseur, Fescue Fanatic


Location: Salisbury, NC

With over 20 years of Lawn and Garden experience under his mower belt, it’s hard to imagine someone more enthusiastic about lawn care than North Carolina resident and auto shop owner, Olee Poole.

  • Olee’s love of being outdoors and the smell of freshly cut grass inspired him to make the three acres of land around his home an ongoing, living work of art.
  • His favorite part of the process is seeing before and after pictures and the measurable progress he makes on his 132,000 square feet of fescue.
  • Olee enjoys documenting his lawn care successes and discoveries with his followers on Instagram, sharing tips and tutorials for fancy stripe work on YouTube, and is a cohost of a livestreamed podcast for DIY enthusiasts, “Keep Off the Grass”.
  • When he isn’t operating a mower, he enjoys being outside cooking, grilling, and raising his three daughters.

Why Oregon?

"Quality built. A brand you can count on performing, one hundred percent.”